Welcome to Bella Placemats!

Bella Placemats is a divison of Bella Katella, LLC. We are located in Connecticut and owned by Bella Katella. We have had an online presence since 1996, Our group is comprised of top notch sales & marketing people, graphic designers, artists, web developers & printers. We own and operate our own in-house print shop, which helps us meet customer demand and also helps you advertise without massive expense.

We are asked over and over again by small businesses which medium they should be spending the bulk of their advertising dollars on. What we discovered was placemat advertising in local family-style restaurants is VERY effective and affordable method of advertising. One that gives you the opportunity to have your business constantly viewed and promoted to a high volume of consumers and other business people on a daily basis,for a fraction of the price you would pay for traditional advertising.

We have come up with an exciting way to increase brick & mortar business traffic. If you want or need more people calling you on the phone and more customers walking through your doors, then this should be something you will be interested in! We all read the placemat advertising while waiting for our meal at the local diner or cafe. This is more than you can say about nearly all print advertising, nowadays. The real value in Placemat advertising is the REPETITION Factor that all wise advertisers know is essential. Billboards, radio, TV, just can't compete with a advertising medium which holds a reader captive, relaxed and in a great frame of mind. When done correctly, placemat advertising can do wonders for your sales, and you know what that means: more revenue and more success for your business. We will work hard to get your business name or brand out there to 1,000's of people at established restaurants and dinners in your local area.

Call Us today (203) 525-0309 or email us: sales [at] bellaplacemats [dot] com, to request more information on our next placemat printing!